People Post Launch

The launch of a product on the market is the moment of truth, but the results frequently do not match the Companies’ expectations in terms of purchase, target or mode of use.
Lots of causes, sometimes unexpected, can contribute to a failure. For example, did you know that…
… there are some breakfast products that are eaten at any time of the day… except at breakfast-time?
… lots of men use shower gel for washing their hair???!!!

How can we “get back on the right track”? Identifying the critical areas that need to be improved and the strengths that need to be exploited…

People’s Post Launch analyses help to understand the life, death and miracles of your product/service just a few months after its launch

  • how and how well known and “understood” is it by consumers?
  • how was it discovered and tried for the first time?
  • how is it really used and who by?


  • who is the murderer? Beware: it is not always the butler! It is better to check the alibis of all those present (the communication, the distribution, the price, the pack, the competition, …, sometimes the actual product itself!)


  • because sometimes it only needs a little to obtain surprising results, if you act in good time

People Post Launch: to change the course before it’s too late