Do you want to capture the world of your target group?
Now there’s cAPPture, the qualitative research app created by People.

  • ha three different ways of interaction (diary, forum/blog, group chat) to select depending on your final goal… or even using a combination of them within the same research!
  • allows synchronous discussion groups extended over time: the discussion is enriched through repeated exchanges, interspersed by experiences outside the group
  • interactions and sharing of the same experiences in different places can take place in any language wanted
  • guarantees anonymity for sensitive topics, in order to allow total freedom of expression
  • it has a totally user-friendly interface as it imitates the most popular instant messaging app in the world, so that people can communicate and interact in a familiar environment
And our clients can watch live everything that happens!


cAPPture: captures genuine emotions, to obtain real insights

cAPPture general terms and conditions of service
cAPPture information about use of personal data